Political Parties Represented in the London Assembly

The London Assembly is a body of 25 members elected by the public at the same time as the mayor. London Elects is the programmatic team responsible for organizing the elections for the Mayor of London and the Assembly of London (GLA Elections). This team is politically impartial and operationally independent, working directly for the Greater London Returns Office (GLRO). The ballot for the London mayoral elections is usually pink and will include a list of mayoral candidates. In addition to examining the actions and decisions of the mayor, the members of the Assembly act as advocates for Londoners by investigating issues that are important to the capital, from improving the economy to how to address the abuse of alcohol by young Londoners.

Parties create lists of up to 25 candidates so that a party can be included; to be included, it must obtain at least 5% of the vote in London. The party won more than 1 million votes, representing the best result in the history of any political party in an election to the London Assembly. Eleven additional members from all over London are also elected. London Elects names, images and logos are trademarks owned by London Elects and are not allowed to be copied without prior approval of London Elects. Information provided by candidates, election agents, subscribers, political parties and activists is processed for the purpose of nominating candidates and holding elections to the London Assembly for Mayor of London and to prepare and distribute to voters the brochure of speeches of mayoral candidates until and after the declaration of results, as required by electoral law, including in connection with any legal challenge to declared results. By transmitting or posting information on website, you agree that London Elects will copy, disclose, incorporate or otherwise treat such material and all data, images, sounds, text and other elements included therein for any commercial and non-commercial purpose. London Elects may suspend access to website in event of system failure, maintenance, repair or for any other reason that, in opinion of London Elects, justifies suspension of access.

Accordingly, to maximum extent permitted by law, London Elects provides website to you on basis that London Elects excludes all representations, warranties, conditions, and other terms (including, without limitation, conditions implied by law) of satisfactory quality, fitness for particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy. London Elects does not exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence of London Elects. London Elects maintains website for your personal use and viewing. If use of website involves need to repair, repair or correct equipment, software or data, you will be responsible for all costs incurred by London Elects.

London Elects will only keep personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill purpose of collecting information. The main political parties represented in the London Assembly are those that have obtained at least 5% of votes in Greater London during elections. These parties include Labour Party, Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats. The Labour Party has achieved its best result in history with more than 1 million votes.

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